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80s Makeup – The 9 Steps to Easily Achieve That 80s Makeup Look

It is no secret that the 80s was definitely an era of loud clothing, hair and over the top 80s lashes 3d mink eyelashes. Madonna and Cyndi Lauper kicked off the mainstream looks of the decade and thousands of girls everywhere were frantically trying to look and dress the same. Time has indeed moved on since then and fashions have changed a lot, but what if you want to recreate that look? Here we detail all the essential steps you need to get looking authentically 80s:

 lashes 3d mink eyelashes
lashes 3d mink eyelashes

1.) Firstly, to start off the 80s lashes 3d mink eyelashes look, you need to gather all of your tools of the trade. You will need some eyeliner (preferably black, although other colours work too, it’s up to your taste entirely), eye shadow (preferably either a very bright colour or a very dark colour as these will give the best effect), mascara, liquid foundation, powder, eyelash curler, makeup brushes and of course – lip gloss.

2.) Now you need to wash your face so that it is clean. Use a mild cleanser for this and make sure that your face is properly clean using warm water. Next, please ensure that your face is fully dry before applying the 80s makeup, it just won’t work doing it on a damp/wet face.

3.) Next, cover up any blemishes (such as under-eye circles and other dark spots) using the liquid foundation. Whatever you do, don’t try and cover up and spots and pimples by caking the foundation on them, this will look silly. For best results, apply the makeup with a proper makeup sponge. Using the cheap one that comes with the makeup or your fingers will not look as good.

4.) Take your 80s lashes 3d mink eyelashes brush, and apply powder all over your face. Try and make sure that you get a good even finish and that it is blended in properly.

5.) Now, using the eyeliner colour of your choice, apply some eyeliner to your top and bottom eyelids and also to the area of skin directly beneath your eyes. Make sure that you put on a significant amount – because you now need to smear it. Using your fingers, gently smear the makeup to give that great 80s look. One good tip you can use to stop it dripping is to brush some black eye shadow over the liner, it works a treat.

6.) Using the eyelash curler, curl your eyelashes upwards until they stay up by themselves. Then use the mascara to brush it onto the lashes, slowly and going up until you achieve that great striking 80s makeup look.

7.) The eye shadow can be applied as you would naturally; it’s up to you how you do it as you will have your own preferences on how you go about it. Although make sure that it at least comes up to your brow line for maximum effect.

8.) Go ahead and finish the look off by applying the lip gloss, preferably it will be the glittery, frosted type that will really finish the whole look off nicely.

9.) Go wild with your hairspray and tease your hair until it looks as you want it. Then, your 80s makeup is complete.

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 lashes 3d mink eyelashes
lashes 3d mink eyelashes

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