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Makeup for Makeup Artists

As a magnetic false mink lashes Artist you will want to use a great product. You may be very talented as a Makeup Artist but if you do not use a good product the results will be less than optimal.

The brands you choose will depend on price, the type of make up artistry that you do and personal preference. Make up artists usually have a preferred company for different products they use. It is important to take care to choose products that work well together though.

magnetic false mink lashes
magnetic false mink lashes

Depending on the type of work you do as a Make up Artist you will need different types of products. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

  • Cosmetics: beauty products that can be applied to the face, hands and body​
  • Makeup: beauty products designed specifically for the face
  • Natural : Designed for everyday wear
  • Character : Designed specifically for characters in TV, film video and theatre work. It may be used to make actors look older, younger, rich, poor, ill, injured, alien etc,
  • Stage : magnetic false mink lashes designed for actors or other performers on stage, where lighting creates special challenges
  • Special Effects : As the name implies makeup required for special effects
  • Fashion : Makeup specifically designed for models showcasing fashion
  • Glamour : Special event Makeup designed to make a person look fabulous for an event
  • Corrective: Makeup specially created to cover or camouflage scars, burns, skin problems or physical disfigurements.

If you specialize in stage, special effects or corrective magnetic false mink lashes you will need more specialist makeup. Make up designed especially for the job that it does. Stage Make up needs to be seen from a long distance and be able to withstand intense light. Corrective make up needs to have a thicker coverage than normal makeup. For fashion, glamour and more natural make up it is easier to find off the shelf products that will work well.

At the beginning of your make up artistry career it’s a good idea to join a cosmetics company. Doing so is a great way to get discounted make up that you can use in your business. Look for quality though. Your clients expect great results and using make up that comes off too quickly when worn will give you a bad reputation! Not what you want!

I personally use Mary Kay. In addition to getting great training on magnetic false mink lashes application I have a 40% discount on the cosmetics I use in my business and my clients love the quality of the makeup too. (If you want more information about Mary Kay Cosmetics do drop me a line).

magnetic false mink lashes
magnetic false mink lashes

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