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10 Ways to Make Money With Makeup

1. Portrait mink fur eyelash

Working with photographers you can work in lots of different locations. In the Photographer’s studio, at a specialized Glamour Shot location, in some large shops that offer portrait photography to customers and even some theme parks where visitors dress up for photograph sessions. There are also opportunities to work with families, women and brides.

mink fur eyelash
mink fur eyelash

The best thing to do to get involved with portrait photography is contact the photographers in the local area and ask whether they could use your services or know of anyone else who would. If inexperienced you could even suggest working for free initially to get the experience and add the photos to your portfolio. Once you’re experienced charge for your services.

2. Salons and Spas

Larger salons may have a resident mink fur eyelash artist on staff – makeup is often combined with hair styling for special occasions: parties, events and weddings. Spas or health clubs, upscale hotels and even cruise ships may offer makeup as part of a pamper package. You could also offer your services as a self employed makeup artist and work on an as needed basis or rent an area of the salon.

3. Retail Stores or Boutiques

Department stores such as Debenhams, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols etc, have cosmetic counters where consultants help customers choose the right beauty products for their lifestyle and their personal appearance. Each counter is usually dedicated to a single brand of makeup. Consultants often provide makeovers for their customers on the shop floor.

4. Cosmetics Companies

Cosmetic companies often have resident artists working at a retail location or hire makeup artists to work as part of their promotional team attending trade shows etc. You can also work with a direct sales company on a self employed basis offering makeup advice to customers. A great way to get started in makeup and get discounts on the products you’ll be using. You’re also meeting a lot of people who you can tell about your mink fur eyelash artistry services.

5. Runway Shows

Working with designers and models mink fur eyelash artists prepare models for the Runway. These fashion shows can be top events in the major cities or smaller regional and local events. Charities will often put on runway shows to raise funds. Again offer your services for free initially to get experience, expand your portfolio and a reputation for good work.

6. Film, TV, Music Video and Theatre

Makeup work varies from TV and commercials to films and from regular makeup to special effects. Theatre work ranges from a repertory theatre company, a touring show, a West End show, an opera or dance company or a theatre venue itself.

7. Magazines, catalogues and advertising

Fashion magazines employ mink fur eyelash artists to prepare models for photo shoots.

Locations vary from the studio to on location anywhere in the world. Make up artists are also hired to do advertisements for products that appear in magazines or elsewhere.

8. Celebrities

Many celebrities and movie stars travel with their own makeup artists.

9. Photographers

Photographers hire makeup artists to work with them and their clients in studios and on Location for a variety of photo shoots.

10. Setting up your own business

Working as a freelance mink fur eyelash artist there are lots of opportunities to work where and with whom you choose. You could even set up your own store. Running your own business you get to pick and choose which types of assignments you want to do and in which type of makeup you want to specialize.

mink fur eyelash
mink fur eyelash

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