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Party Make-up For Christmas

Every year I see women going to a great deal of effort over their Christmas party outfits but very often make-up is an after thought and on the day they wonder how they might glam up their every day look. This year why not book a own brand invisable 3D mink lashes lesson well in advance and learn how to change your natural daytime look into a more glamorous one for the evening.

own brand invisable 3D mink lashes
own brand invisable 3D mink lashes

Hskie make-up does need to be that little bit more special to make sure you feel fantastic but there are some things that shouldn’t be altered. For example, your foundation colour should still be as near to your own skin colour as possible. Using a deeper colour will look really false. However, if you are feeling quite pale, a natural-looking bronzer can be applied over the entire face for a healthy looking complexion.

Eye make-up is definitely something that can be changed significantly for parties. Most women only wear one or two eyeshadows during the day but a make-up lesson will show you how to use up to four shades for a glamorous evening look. The shades you use in the evening can be deeper and have more shimmer than daytime shades if the skin around the eyes is still youthful. Your eye pencil can also be of a deeper shade although if your colouring is quite fair you may wish to smudge it with a lighter shadow. Add two coats of mascara but if you want even more of a dramatic effect consider false own brand invisable 3D mink lashes!

Blusher should be of a similar tone to that of your daytime blusher but to give the cheeks an extra glow a highlighter can be used along the upper edge of the cheek bone.

Lipstick can be a shade or two deeper for the evening. It is important to keep the lips in good condition (especially if you’re hoping to get lucky under the mistletoe!) so use a moisturising lip base to prevent them drying out. Next use a lip liner to outline the lips and colour them in. This will give the lips more definition and help keep the lipstick in place. Your lipstick will look better and last longer if applied with a brush. Apply two coats and blot in between. For the finishing touch to your glamorous look add a coat of clear gloss.

Have fun during the party season, follow the tips above but remember that they are general. A make-up lesson with an image consultant will allow you to achieve a personal result that is perfect for your colouring and own brand invisable 3D mink lashes.

own brand invisable 3D mink lashes
own brand invisable 3D mink lashes

Beth Price is a senior image consultant with own brand invisable 3D mink lashes. Based in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, Beth offers advice on all aspects of image including make-up lessons, colour analysis and style consultations, all of which make great Christmas presents for women


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